Heidi: Mountain Adventures, Explore the Swiss Alps

Educational kids game Heidi: Mountain Adventures launched on iOS and Android. Play Heidi: Mountain Adventures now on the iOS App store and Google Play Store.

About Heidi: Mountain Adventures
Explore the Swiss Alps with friendly Heidi in this premium, ad-free educational kids game for preschool 2-4 year olds! Kids will expand their vocabulary, train visual skills and practice counting in Heidi: Mountain Adventures – with the spirit of the Heidi TV series and books. The game features a selection of short stories as Heidi goes on adventures with her friends.

Game Features:

  • A classic adventure: The game captures the spirit of the popular Heidi children’s books and TV series. Your child can enjoy these educational stories at their own pace.
  • Learning vocabulary: Kids will learn words from home, nature and more as Heidi helps out her grandfather and her friend Peter!
  • Educational mini-games: Help grandfather build a wheelbarrow and repair a bridge by putting together shapes. Guide a dog through a maze, help Peter with his homework and solve many other puzzles – it’s learning time!
  • Counting in nature: Heidi loves to learn numbers with flowers and cute animals.
  • Ad-free premium product: there are no adverts or in-app payments in Heidi: Mountain Adventures so that your toddler can focus on fun and learning!