Wanda – A Beautiful Apocalypse Launches (Video)

Launching today on Steam and all other leading retailers of digitally downloaded PC games, comes the most heart warming video game of the year, Wanda – A Beautiful Apocalypse.

Developed by Kodots, one of the very few development studios in Myanmar (formally Burma), comes a story of loneliness, hope and love. Lost on a ruined world without hope of salvation, two robots find each other and find hope. Help guide them towards survival and a future.

Wanda is a story-focused game but completely free of comprehensible dialogue. The entire story is told through the subtle interactions between the two robots and the environment itself in a “show, don’t tell” style.

Solve mini-puzzles and witness the story unfold. Experience a whole new perspective of a post apocalyptic world through an art-style reminiscent of a children’s book and enhanced by a delightful soundtrack.

•Subtle show, don’t tell storytelling
•Art style reminiscent of a children’s storybook
•Beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack
•Steam Achievements
•Partial controller support

“Clever puzzle game rich in storytelling. Interesting game world with beautifully done music. Downside is that it’s a very short game. A must buy though for the emotionally driven experience.”
9.5/10 – Video Game Break