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Stunningly Beautiful ‘Mr. Crab 2’ Now Available Worldwide (Video)

Mobile game developer and publisher Illusion Labs is proud to announce the worldwide release of Mr. Crab 2, the official sequel to the original platform game Mr. Crab with more than 12 million downloads. Exclusively available on iOS®, Mr. Crab 2 is available as a free download with IAP-content to purchase.

You play the role of Mr. Crab, the popular hero, who rescued baby crabs on his first adventure. More crabs need rescuing, and this time his friends will join him on his quest. Through the games challenging levels, you must master jumping and traverse through exciting environments full of mysterious passages. But look out for traps, enemies and other obstacles preventing your progress, as you ascend on a mission to unlock cages with entrapped baby crabs. With its action-packed gameplay and crisp, colorful surroundings, Mr. Crab 2 will impress with its sleek level-design and wonderful gameplay. Pixel-perfect timing and quick-thinking is essential to collect stars to progress. You can unlock playable characters by rescuing enough baby crabs; King Crab, Roxy, Mr. Frog, Nib-Nib, Lucy, Arnold and Swampy all have their own personality, and each can be customized with crazy stuff, such as funny hats, cool masks, shoes and much more!

Mr. Crab 2 is a great successor to the original game, and is a fun-filled gameplay experience with fantastic features, inspiring graphics, charming characters, intuitive controls and plenty of surprises along the way.