Crab War Global Release Coming Soon (Video)

From the makers of Alien Hive, Sporos and Mobfish Hunter comes – Crab War! A revolutionary tapping adventure game where you take over as the deity of crabs, commanding huge swarms to fight your way back into your homeland.

Crab War features captivating graphics, unique evolution trees and game changing abilities that will have you mutating your crabs to overwhelm the reptiles! Currently going through its soft launch in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia, Crab War is eyeing a global release by the end of May 2016. With countless evolutions, powerful talents and the ability to Ecdysis to become stronger than ever, Crab War will have you screaming “UNLEASH THE SWARM!” as you lay waste to your enemies.

Crab War Features
• Explore Uncharted Territory: The years of hiding below has transformed your homeland on the surface. Rediscover the beauty of your home as you work your way to reclaim it!
• Unleash The Swarm: Overwhelm the enemy with crabs empowered by crystal radiation! With over 80 crabs and 30 unique Crab Queens, the enemy won’t stand a chance!
• Face Your Foes: Challenge over 50 different reptile bosses with their different attacks or take on the elusive Wildebeast for legendary rewards!
• Evolution Paths: Sharpen your claws or harden your shell? Discover new evolutions as you progress. Transform your skills with unique talents that bring additional utility or absolute destruction.
• Ecdysis: Reemerge from your shell with powerful mutations to bring new waves of hurt to your enemies.