World’s Biggest Picture Cross Gets a Summer Update!

AppyNation, a leading mobile games developer and publisher, have today heeded the call of Picture Cross fans around the world with the release of a major free update to their hit game World’s Biggest Picture Cross (iOS/Android).

From today, all players will be able to unlock the Summer Pack, a suite of 64 all-new puzzles based around a vacation theme. Each completed puzzle reveals a tile of a new hidden scene showing our pixel people getting up to all manner of fun seaside activities.

Every aspect of World’s Biggest Picture Cross has been refined and polished based on input from players. A streamlined user interface, gorgeous new graphics, and a new help system that can be accessed directly within the app are just some of the many improvements.
In addition, World’s Biggest Picture Cross now includes a choice of two control schemes:
· Tap to draw – the default mode that can be picked up instantly, and which players have already used to solve over 20,000,000 puzzles.

· Pinpoint mode – an alternative mode that allows one or many squares to be selected with complete precision, even when playing the largest puzzles on compact phone screens (such as the new iPhone SE).

“This is the biggest update AppyNation has ever launched for one of our games,” commented CEO Pete Williamson, “With over 450 puzzles there are weeks of entertainment to be had. Don’t go on holiday without it!”
World’s Biggest Picture Cross is available now, free to download, from the iTunes App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.

Key Features
· 464 original Picture Cross puzzles, ranging from Easy to Expert difficulty
· Dozens of Achievements, Trophies and Quests to complete
· Summer Pack with 64 NEW puzzles and a new Hidden Scene to uncover
· Two versatile control schemes to suit all playing styles
· Share your achievements with friends via Facebook and Twitter
Picture Cross (also known as ‘Picross’, ‘Nonograms’, ‘Hanjie’ and ‘Griddlers’) is the classic picture logic puzzle enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Product details
Title: World’s Biggest Picture Cross
Publisher: AppyNation
Format: iOS (Universal), Android, Amazon Fire devices
Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese
Price: Free
Available: 28/04/2016