Warlord Chess Free Holiday Update

Warlord Chess gets a free upgrade, just in time for the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Now there are backgrounds that reflect the landscape of the four kingdoms! Red still battles above a pit of flames, but now blue floats between sea and sky. Green battles upon a field of grass, and purple floats in an ocean of unnatural energy. Games now happen in the kingdom of the player who goes first. Win in an enemy kingdom to see your colors dominate their battlefield. Win in your home kingdom and feel the pride that comes with defending your realm!

Minor Bug Fixes
Some bugs got squashed. There are probably more.

About Warlord Chess
Warlord Chess is an app for iOS that lets 1-4 people play a game of chess on a unique 3D board. Play is almost exactly like chess, but a few unique rules make it more casual, fun, and accessible than the classic game. The simple interface allows players of all skill levels to start playing immediately. Players can choose to play locally or online. Graphics and animations are powered by Unity. Warlord Chess was originally released in Dec 2011. For more information, see www.warlordchess.com. You can also find Warlord Chess on YouTube and Facebook.

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