When It Hits the Fan, Action Arcade Indie Game, Released

New indie game When It Hits the Fan from Heartfelt Games LLC is released on Steam and itch.io.

The Earth was thrown into chaos the day four apocalypses came crashing down. Zombie outbreaks, robot AI reaching singularity, demons invading from hell, and aliens decending from the heavens! The mercenary twins are the planet’s last defence against the quadpocalypse. Do they have what it takes When It Hits the Fan?

Fight your way through the city with a friend clearing a path through the zombies where you will find the laboratory, the source of the robots super-intelligence. From there, jump into a portal to hell and decimate countless demons before ascending to the stars and neutralize the alien threat.

When It Hits the Fan is a nostalgic trip through the quadpocalypse inspired by many console and arcade games of the 90s complete with an arcade machine version. And if you can’t find a machine out in the wild, you can still play with a friend (local CO-OP) through Steam or itch.io for a low $10 ($9 on launch due to a 10% discount).

Availability and system requirements: When It Hits the Fan is on Steam and itch.io and will be available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions are only available via itch.io for now.