A Sky Full of Stars out on Steam

MoeNovel, the publisher of Visual Novel HD titles, is proud to announce their next anticipated title; A Sky Full of Stars, is out now on Steam. With the same length and setting as If My Heart Had Wings, this title has been highly anticipated amongst fans for its energetic characters, stunning visuals and heart-moving story.

A Sky Full of Stars

The starry sky spreads far and wide overhead… This story full of love, comedy, and excitement follows our protagonist and his stargazing friends as they grow together. A Sky Full of Stars is a coming-of-age astronomy tale by the same team who brought you If My Heart Had Wings. A Sky Full of Stars is out now on Steam!

To replicate the night sky as accurately as possible in A Sky Full of Stars, images were created using data from the Hipparcos Catalogue and the “Starry Winds MMD” planetarium engine software. This way we could bring everyone together under the true beauty of the stars along with the heart-felt moments of the story.

To create a more immersive experience, the voices for the game were recording using Binaural Microphones, allowing the characters to feel like they are right next to you.


“This train is the Milky Way Railroad Observatory, headed for the sky!”

Back then, I felt we could go anywhere.
We could solve the mysteries of outer space.
I felt like we could reach out our hands and catch the stars.

What we saw beyond the stars through our telescope was the past; days filled with excitement and anticipation we could never return to.
But the heavens continue to turn above our heads, and the feelings we thought we’d left behind come back to us as if they were a comet returning on its orbit to deliver a premonition.

“Now then, let’s depart for our next destination as we solve the mysteries of the universe!”

As friends, we looked to the sky, and the vibrant days spent revolving around the stars began anew…