All Aboard as Game Insight Releases Transport Empire on iPhone

Game Insight, a global publisher of mobile and social games, is excited to announce that its newest economic strategy, Transport Empire, has been released for iPhone and is available for download on the Apple App Store , giving players a chance to become industrial tycoons in a virtual world.

The updated version for iOS brings support to iPhone and iPad, improvements to game balance and adds a lot of interesting new features. Players can now upgrade railroads to speed up the competition of their contracts, upgrade locomotives from old models to new ones to increase efficiency, and even control the effects of carriages when you choose the locomotive model and the suiting carriage types.

The latest update brings new buildings that provide players with cash and resources, as well as a variety of new buildings, including forester’s lodges, fishermen houses, and even a Colossus that produces very valuable resource – gold. There are many new plot quests and events that make the game even more captivating and varied. Finally, players who visit the game regularly will receive special bonuses and presents for daily logins.

Transport Empire invites players to dispatch locomotives, steamboats, and airships, as well as construct roads, mines, and develop cities while earning the respect of locals and avoiding the sinister machinations of enemies and rivals. Aside from construction and logistics, Transport Empire also offers an engaging and deep story that includes a cast of memorable characters, each with their own compelling background, as well as a series of mysteries, long-lost treasures, and an exciting search for a legendary phantom train!

Transport Empire will be released on Android and Facebook in the near future.

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