Bogeys invade British isles in 3D mobile Game ‘Bogey Wogey: Ghost Busters’

Rescue your little hamlet in British isles from crooked attack by the evil mischievous bogeys. While you were out on an expeditions, these little critters have mobbed your abode and build the garrisons while holding your kins hostage. The clamor of their rumble, mumble, singing and munching is disheartening to your folks. Sneak into your village without getting spotted and capture these bogeys into a Magic spell in Sphulling Arts new 3D physics based game called ‘Bogey Wogey: Ghost Busters’.

‘Bogey Wogey: Ghost Busters’ is now available on all major mobile game stores for free to play on phones and tablets! The game is designed in multiple levels of increasing difficulty starting with simple scenes and progressing into bigger odysseys. Filled with funny and cute characters acting spontaneously, this game is targeted at audience of all ages.

“Casual mobile games are about providing less strenuous, yet fun filled gaming experience for short span of time.” said Nachiketa Savant, SVP of Game Development at Sphulling Arts. “Bogey Wogey provides that quick entertainment without need of active engagement or complex gaming skills.”

There are many ways to enjoy this game with all the core gameplay in Bogey Wogey: Ghost Busters available free of charge. Game also includes the social gaming experience and offers in-app purchases for additional levels and enhanced game play.

For additional information about the game (Screenshots, videos, Game Wiki, Release schedule), please visit or contact Public Relations, Sphulling Arts.

About Sphulling Arts

Sphulling Arts is a digital Arts studio focused on development of casual fun, easy-to-learn, captivating games that appeal to all ages across PC, mobile, social and other platforms. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Sphulling Arts has also released other titles namely Questrons and Learning Strides. Bogey Wogey: Ghost Busters is Sphulling’s major game title schedule for several updates in coming months.

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