Fat Baby Galaxy Expands to Mobile

Fat Baby Galaxy, the debut mobile game from veteran developers of hit franchises including The Sims and Command & Conquer, is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

Fat Baby Games, creator of Fat Baby Galaxy, is launching a series of mobile games set in the Fat Baby universe, in advance of the highly anticipated PC and console game later this year.

Fat Baby Galaxy is inspired by classic console platformers and arcade blasters like Donkey Kong Country and Tempest, offering challenging mechanics at a breakneck pace. You will jump, butt stomp, fly, catapult, drive and blast your way through 7 unique, hand-crafted worlds and love every second of it.

A free download, the mobile game is uniquely designed for mobile platforms and a mobile audience. It offers deep gameplay with simple one-tap controls and instant fun without any ‘fluff’.

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