GAMEVIL Announces Global Launch of Mark of the Dragon

GAMEVIL announced the worldwide launch of Mark of the Dragon on iOS and Android today. Developed by Brainz Games, this combat-strategy game not only has players build and defend their own kingdoms, but also collect, breed, and ride dragons during raids.

At the start of the game, players choose to become a rider of one of four elements – fire, water, air, and earth – each of which has its own “mark” such as stronger troop attacks or more frequent special attacks. As players expand their kingdoms and battle others, they can collect the eggs of over 130 dragons to breed, evolve, and use in future raids.

Brainz CEO Alejandro Gonzalez explains, “Mark of the Dragon takes some tried-and-true mechanics like PvP and collecting but brings them together into a very unique offering where players run a kingdom, breed incredible dragons, and actually use them to raid others’ towns – all while flying them in full 3D.”

Mark of the Dragon’s interactive element of riding dragons during raids and controlling their attacks provides an immersive experience that both beginning and experienced gamers can enjoy.

Jairo Nieto, Chief Creative Officer of Brainz says, “We thought it would be cool to create a game that allows players to experiment with different combinations and find what they think is the most solid strategy. The dragons are exactly that: different units with powers that players can combine together nicely, giving the player base the freedom to find different permutations that even we didn’t think of.”

With several layers of gameplay, players will be able to use both skill and strategy to become the strongest dragon rider.

Mark of the Dragon is available worldwide on App Store and Google Play.

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