IQ Safe, the successful WP game is now on Amazon with a new limited price of 1.99$.

After 120K downloads on WP, IQ Safe has launch the game on Amazon, cutting 30% of its price for one week to 1.99$ instead of 2.99$.

IQ SAFE is a smart logic puzzle game where you have to crack a sophisticated 9 dials safe scattered around world famous cities. You can play the campaign with 180 unique games or play all levels on ‘Fast game’ mode with over 1400 challenging games.

IQ Safe was on accelerator runs by Microsoft and has been chosen to represent the company on MWC Barcelona last year out of 3750 competing apps and games.

For those who love Sudoku and mind games with numbers IQ Safe is perfect, a smart game that challenge your IQ while having fun and satisfaction.

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