Get Your Kit On – Frantic FC Released on Mobile

Sports specialist publisher C8apps are kicking off the upcoming football tournament in Brazil early with their new game Frantic FC, a free-to-play football management game, on iOS and Android devices. Frantic FC aims to put a new spin on the team management experience with simple, fun, fast-paced matches.
In Frantic FC, you’ll find there’s no time to look away – watch every enthralling match play out in less than 60 seconds! Every success and failure is shaped and determined by you– but strategy doesn’t begin and end purely on the pitch.

Buy the best players from around the world and hit the pitch within minutes of setup with Frantic FC’s user-friendly interface; create a line-up of current players and managers from all the top football leagues in Europe to build a team that’s second-to-none. You’ll be able to enhance your team with multiple upgrades, but it’ll be the unique bonds you forge between players and managers that’ll make your team invincible. Finding those gold star player bonds are key to getting the best on-field performance to lead your team to victory.

C8apps offer you the chance to face off against your friends and prove yourself as the ‘special one’ with the real footballing smarts. For the ultimate title of master tactician though, take on players worldwide and complete coaching challenges to defeat the greatest real life teams of all time. Track your progress against the best of the world, and play your way to the top.

Got your game plan? It’s time to kick-off.

Frantic FC is available for iOS and Android devices. For more information please visit:

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