Like a Boss! is Available on iOS and Android

Fire Horse Studio in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil released Like A Boss!, an action RPG with a flip on traditional MMORPG games, on Android and iOS devices. Unlike the traditional dungeon RPGs, in Like A Boss! players don’t fight the ultimate boss but play as the Boss and are obliged to safeguard their dungeons treasure from unwelcome attackers and loot hungry raiding parties. The game revolves around customizing your boss with various skills and items, smashing hordes of pesky raiders hellbent on trashing the dungeon in the search for loot and taking out the quest givers to prevent new contracts being issued for your head. In a world full of heroes, its bosses that rule the realm.

Like a Boss! is a comic take on the traditional MMORPG formula, with references to the genre that are familiar and a funny storyline where players assume the role of an evil boss, fighting to protect your treasures, advancing your skills and plotting to dominate the world. During the campaign, players upgrade their boss through an extensive skill tree, while at the same time acquiring recipes to craft powerful items in a unique, fully customisable crafting system. Players can help and seek assistance from other bosses through a guild, or even hire another player’s boss to fight by their side in the more challenging fights. Join forces with your allies to face powerful quest-giving NPCs, and bring your guild to the top of the ranks by being the most efficient evil force in the realm. Like a Boss! is a game in constant expansion and players can expect updates such as new races, classes, skills, items and much more coming to mobile frequently.