WABA Fun, official distributor of the popular Kinetic Sand, today announced that its physics puzzle game Kinetic Sand’s Great Adventure is now available for free on both Apple and Android tablets. The game, created in cooperation with Dutch game developer Monobanda, will also be released on smart phones at a later date.

Kinetic Sand’s Great Adventure is a physics puzzle game featuring WABA Fun’s three most popular sand components: Kinetic Sand, Shape It! and Bubber. The little Bubbers are floating away, and its up to the player to mold the Kinetic Sand and Shape It! in ways that will guide them home. Players can also jump into the WABA Box, a free play mode full of cool stuff that can be unlocked in the story mode. “We wanted to capture the unique characteristics of the sand in a digital game so that even more people can enjoy them,” says Ingela Sjöberg, General Manager at WABA Fun Europe. “We hope people will have as much fun playing with digital Kinetic Sand as they do with the physical sand – or even find ways to enjoy them together!”

Kinetic Sand’s Great Adventure is out now on Apple and Android tablets. The game is free to play as well as free of in-app purchases. A smart phone version will be released soon.

•Lots of sand!
Solve puzzles with digital versions of Kinetic Sand, Bubber and Shape It!
•Story Mode
Collect all of the Bubbers and guide them safely through 20 increasingly difficult puzzles!
Finish the story mode to fill a digital sandbox with more and more things to play with!
•Play with friends
Join the Bubbers on their adventure alone, or bring a friend!

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