RPG Clicker, RPG Simplified to One Finger Touch

Once an Android exclusive, RPG Clicker is now available on iOS. The clicker craze have taken over mobile gaming and RPG Clicker brings a fresh yet familiar twist to iOS. While true to it’s clicker heritage, it is also rooted in RPG elements we have all come to enjoy. Travel different lands, upgrade powerful spells, purchase new weapons, level up your stats, overcome punishing bosses, and pick up lots of loots and equipments.

The tapping mechanics may seem simple, but the game draws you in with it’s rich RPG system. It is entirely up to the player how they play the game, whether they want to concentrate on magic spells or pure brute strength to take down their foes.

With upgradable stats and mix and match equipment system, the game is hard to put down and master. There are unlimited amount of equipment combinations and equipment stats to create the perfect setup for your character.

Play a little or a lot, but you’ll want to experience this strangely addicting game! Now available on your favorite iOS device.

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