Running Game ‘Football Rush’ Kicks off on iOS and Android

Singapore mobile game developer Happy Labs is excited to announce the release of free-to-play game Football Rush for iPhone, iPad and Android devices today. The game is currently featured on the iTunes App Store Homepage in more than 100 countries. Football Rush is a thrilling endless runner set against a vibrant Brazilian backdrop in 3D. Are you ready for the challenge?

Updates and enhancements since the last media preview includes changing the high jump to a more controllable double jump, Game center leaderboard, smoother animations, more UI feedback and the obligatory bug fixes, balancing and optimisations.

YouTube trailer:

Players play as wannabe football superstar Jose and their aim is to get the highest score possible while avoiding dangerous traffic obstacles. Along the way, they can collect mangoes and pick up power ups to enhance their gameplay. Game mechanics are easy: Swipe to change lanes, jump or roll to avoid the dangerous incoming traffic.

During the game, players can collect as many mango currencies as they can for skill upgrades or in-game reviving. Players should watch out for special power-ups to give them an extra boost: Gliders lets players soar above the traffic while magnets collects all mangoes in the near vicinity. With the invincibility buff, players can burst through all obstacles, even trucks. Many more power-ups are featured in this game.

Players can also choose to log in to social media and rank on the leaderboard with their friends, or unlock achievements for bonus mangoes. Not only that, doing extraordinary feats in-game will grant players more score bonuses. For example, crashing obstacles or kicking away their friends’ portraits.

As with all Happy Labs games, players can play anywhere, in any situation in offline mode. The endless running football game is suitable for all kids and adults and is now available for free download on all small and large screen iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The game is absolutely free to play with no in-app purchase option at all, and is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia.

Players can also search the following keywords in the respective stores: “Happy Labs” or “Football Rush 2014”.

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