Storm of Magic: Fantasy Tower Defense Game for your Android smartphones and tablets

Shamrock Games, a Russian mobile games developer, today announced the launch of its strategy game “Storm of Magic” for Android smartphones and tablets. Storm of Magic is an exciting story about the glorious kingdom of Londerol, with amazing landscapes and a miraculous tower defense experience in the fantasy world filled with magnificent tower and magic spells. The game can be now downloaded on Google play for free. It is available in multiple languages.

After centuries of peace, darkness began to gather over Londerol. Countless hordes of orcs and demons are preparing to bring fear, destruction and death to Londerol. Magister of Magic Farian, foreseeing the coming disaster, found an apprentice to wield the ancient Tower Magic.

Storm of Magic offers you the unique opportunity to become Farian’s student, face a long road to the heights of knowledge, learning all of the spells to summon towers and magic, win dozens of battles, and challenge the legions of the damned. After completion of the campaign, you can try your powers in the testing grounds in the Survival game mode, competing with your friends and other players, to become a record holder in the Academy of Mages. For those of you who like to solve puzzles the Challenges game mode hits the spot.

“We are excited for all tower defense fans to finally have the great opportunity to dive into the wonderful fantasy world of Storm of Magic on their Android smartphones or tablets. You’ll be definitely challenged to devise cunning tactics and strategies. Use magic scrolls received as a reward to strengthen your towers and magic in the Mages’ Library but avoid upgrading any single tower or magic only. When completing a mission, try to find the most effective combination of towers available and use magic skillfully. Enjoy dozens of hours of engaging gameplay on your Android smartphone or tablet!” says Vitali Wiegel, Director of Shamrock Games.


– CAMPAIGN game mode with three levels of difficulty: 14 perfectly balanced levels of fierce battles with crowds of invaders, which challenge you to devise cunning tactics and strategies;
– CHALLENGES game mode: Short sessions of entertaining puzzle tasks. Each section includes 21 tasks. There are 8 types of tasks to give the gameplay some variety;
– SURVIVAL game mode: 4 unique maps on which you must only try to survive while being attacked by countless hordes of ruthless enemies;
– 12 types of magical towers 5 types of elemental spells;
– Over 25 types of land and air enemies modeled in 3D (Orcs, demons, monsters, machines etc.);
– Global leaderboards and a creative approach to an achievements system.

Storm of Magic’s Google play link:

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