Straight A, Inc. has entered the iOS app market with Sanga

Move over tic-tac-toe, Straight A, Inc. has entered the iOS app market with Sanga, a classical connect three game, with “new dimensions” added. What sets Sanga apart from other traditional games is the three dimensional game board, known as the Qoob, which can be manipulated in any direction by moving your finger on the screen. Sanga also adds depth to the game by using two characteristics, color AND shape, to connect, instead of one. With each piece having three colors and three shapes to choose from, the result is an exciting game with endless possibilities.

The game features:
· * Two player versus mode for both on and off line. Play against your friend or challenge someone around the world.
· * One player puzzle mode that requires the player to place as many pieces as possible without connecting 3 in a row, which creates a completely different game in itself.
· * Game Center integration, with leader boards and achievements.
· * Premium pieces for even more challenge.

Seek the Sanga
Straight A, Inc’s mission statement is to utilize leadership principles to create educational programs that promote growth for everyone. As the director for Straight A, Inc, Chi Ni wants to show that education doesn’t just mean learning to add or subtract; it means to be able to think on different planes. Most importantly, it also means to have fun.
“At first, I created Sanga just to teach students about spatial awareness. However, I realized that there was much more to the game, and I started using it as a tool to help students see things from different perspectives, and to be better problem solvers.”

Sanga for iPad is now free for download on the App Store.

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