Tanktastic brings furious tank battles to your mobile device.

A sudden burst of light blinds your weary eyes. “BLAM!” as the crack of an M60 rips the turret of the T-62 to your right. You feel the heat wave flash over you as it splashes out the rear. “Not now,” you murmur, “please…” “Fate loves the fearless,” they say. “Fate loves the courageous. It loves the adventurous and fierce…” Does this sound like you? Your mission is about to begin, sergeant, and the new tank action mobile game “Tanktastic” is at your service. Are you ready to begin a spectacular adventure in the world of furious tank combat?

Tanktastic is a 3D PvP massively multiplayer online action game that brings the excitement of a console game to your mobile device. Being an ongoing venture of its inspired creators, Tanktastic is now updated with new and compelling features, including tank models, game modes, and battle terrains.

Game features:
· High-quality 3D graphics
· 35 tank models
· Fast-paced firefights
· Intense sound effects
· Military, Oilfield, and DemoMap battle levels
· Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag modes
· Live chat
· Game Center and Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements
· In-game help for newbies

“Tanktastic is a kind of game that features fast-paced, thrilling, and most of all addictively exciting gameplay,” wrote an anonymous Metacritic tank gunner. Scores of would-be fighters try their best, but only the bravest ones reach combat mastery. Download Tanktastic today and rule the battlefield. Select your tank, target, and FIRE!

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