Wakey Wakey Penguin now available for iPhone, iPad and Android!

We are happy to announce the launch of Wakey Wakey Penguin for iPhone, iPad and Android devices! Wakey Wakey Penguin is a High Score frenzy game in which players compete to get the number one place in the world leaderboard!

About Wakey Wakey Penguin:
In Wakey Wakey Penguin you try and wake up all the penguins by pushing a penguin-parent into the group. But as soon as those penguin-parents are done sliding, they fall asleep as well! You gotta make sure that everybody stays awake!

Luckily, the next penguin-parent is right around the corner. Every penguin is able to wake each other up though, once they bounce into each other, but if you see a penguin-parent slack off, just wake ’em up with another penguin-parent for a huge bonus score!

It’s a very enjoyable, simple and addictive game to play! Can you beat your High Score this round? If not, surely you can do better in the next!?
And just when you thought you’d become pretty good at it, Game Center shows you how well others are playing…

Must… beat… them…

Wakey Wakey Penguin is one of those games you can just pick up and play straight away with very simple controls, but be prepared to get addicted!

Wakey Wakey Penguin offers:

– clean, crisp graphics
– penguin sound effects which set a funny tone
– High Scores which will drive you mad!
– Game Center online leaderboard, to get extra competitive!
Just make sure you go easy on those baby-penguins when they get in your way, okay? 😉

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