16-bit inspired roguelike-brawler Ruin of the Reckless (Video)

You paid the ultimate price for your brash life, but even here there is hope… Any spirit to reach the tower’s peak will be granted one wish – if they can make it this far.

About Ruin of the Reckless
Ruin of the Reckless is a 2D retro-styled, fast-paced roguelike brawler focusing on melee combat. Choose Stargrove or Stella to fight their way through a mysterious, randomly-generated tower, home to the most reckless of spirits. Experiment with your attacks in twin-stick brawler gameplay, and unleash screen-clearing spells that obliterate your opponents. Ruin of the Reckless is a highly replayable, challenging game where the more you risk, the more you gain – if you survive.


◾Speed through the environment at lightning pace, crush giant hordes of enemies in melee-focused combat. Upgrade your weapons, find new equipment, level up your hero.

◾Explore a detailed, mysterious, randomly-generated tower that changes with each ascent. Discover its purpose and you may see your one true wish granted… If you get that far.

◾Accessible and easy to pick up and play, but ascending to the higher levels of the tower will take intense skill.

◾Bring your friends for co-op fast-paced fun.