Throw Anything, tongue-in-cheek VR game on Windows PC

The hilarious, flat-shaded VR game THROW ANYTHING is HTC Vive/SteamVR (Steam)

How does the age-old saying go?

“Grab the closest object you can find – and swing away to keep zombies at bay.” Yeah, that’s it!

Do whatever you can to defend yourself (and the occasional friendly NPC) as zombies clumsily attempt to scale your high-rise building … inching closer and closer to your room.…

Siege Saga, cartoonish 2D physics puzzle sandbox on Windows PC

PlayZilla, publisher and developer of the critically acclaimed physics puzzler Optika, released Siege Saga, a cartoonish 2D physics puzzle sandbox available on Windows PC at Steam.

Siege Saga is like Angry Birds but the other way round. Protect the Royal Family from a terrible siege by building defensive walls using logs, stone blocks and beams made of steel, as well as ropes, gas balloons and many other objects.…

Crypt of the Serpent King on PS4

The first PS4 title from independent developer Rendercode Games is available.

Crypt of the Serpent King is a medieval first-person hack’n’slash dungeon crawler with roguelike elements. The player will explore large, randomly generated dungeons, fight goblins, orcs, skeletons, giant spiders and all sorts of underworld creatures using melee and ranged weapons, jump over lava pits and spike traps, and level up the character’s abilities, with a choice of 3 levels of difficulty, from casual to hardcore.…

Chrono Trigger on Windows PC

Widely hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time, the definitive version of CHRONO TRIGGER® is available for the first time on STEAM® (Windows PC). This version features:

  • Two Extra Dungeons – Includes the mysterious “Dimensional Vortex” dungeon and “Lost Sanctum” dungeon that first appeared in the Nintendo DS® and mobile releases
  • CHRONO TRIGGER Limited Edition – Those that purchase the STEAM version until April 2, 2018 will receive the following digital bonuses for free:
    • An enchanting and specially edited digital song file containing a medley of five songs: “Far Off Promise,” “Wind Scene,” “Battle with Magus,” “Corridors of Time,” and “Chrono Trigger”
    • Composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s digital liner notes
    • A collection of six stunning PC wallpapers in varying sizes
  • Updated Graphics and Sound – While keeping the atmosphere of the original, this version features optimized visuals designed for modern PCs and a re-recorded soundtrack under the supervision of original composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Blasters of the Universe, Arcade Shooter Available on PS VR

Endless bullet barrages hit their mark with the PlayStation®VR (PS VR) launch of the VR arcade shooter Blasters of the Universe. From Primetime Emmy® Award-winning developer Secret Location and publisher Archiact, comes a frenetic modernization of the classic bullet hell genre that galvanizes players to duck, dodge and deflect their way through increasingly challenging levels visually inspired by over-the-top 90s VHS cover art.…