Abbeys Flight is a bee flight sim game (Video)

Based around 12 lush real world environments where you hunt for vital supplies of pollen, water and tree sap to bring back to the hive. While trying to avoid natural hazards like: hornets, infection and rain (a scary thing if your the same size as a bee).

Once you’ve competed each of the flying levels you get the chance to: practice your flower landing skills, perform a waggle dance and try to keep the hive warm by shaking your tail.

To create an ethical game which brings awareness to a needy cause, and hopefully raises funds for bee conservation projects round the world.

Key Features:

•12 Beautiful real world landscapes to explore.
•Learn more about these fascinating creatures through play.
•3 Types of bonus level: Waggle dance, Practice landing on flowers, Keep the hive warm.
•Real world hazards like: hornets and infections.