ABC or Die – Word recognition-meets-arcade action

You will descend into Death’s domain while collecting treasure, reaping greater rewards the deeper you go. Not only will you evade Death itself, but many dangers and monsters that lurk below. Fortunately, all paths are marked with what they lead to, so read carefully to find the safest path. Your vocabulary of mythical beasts will be tested, but stay away if you don’t know what it is – odds are it’ll kill you!

ABC or Die is a fast paced arcade game that involves word recognition. I grew up loving many classic arcade games and I wanted to make something I’d enjoy that’s inspired by them. Easy to understand how to play and what the goal is, but designed so skill and strategy can be developed and create a huge gap in score between someone just starting and an expert. No paying $x for y power ups, just self-improvement. ABC or Die shares that design and style, and has a unique feel involving vocabulary and quick word recognition.

It’s a tricky game, where I’m seeing people starting out scoring very low. There is a lot of room for improvement in making it to the lowest floors.