Action-Packed PC RPG ‘The Dungeoning’ Challenges You To Explore An Exciting Procedurally Generated Castle

The Dungeoning on PC, MAC and Linux by indie game developer and publisher Physmo is an accessible fast-paced roguelike platform-RPG set in a compelling pixel-art dungeon packed full of adventure, exploration and fun.

Gameplay trailer:

The Dungeoning offers an exciting RPG with 16 stages of procedurally generated levels. Your task is to navigate and explore an ever-shifting castle with the objective of obtaining the Sacred Artefact. You gain experience by fighting enemies and you can level-up your character attributes to improve your overall skills and abilities. Along the way, you will encounter mysterious objects and weapons you will need to complete your quest.

The Dungeoning includes a range of cool melee- and ranged-weapons with auto-targeting for combat. To succeed on your quest you must master swords, bows and magical weapons, and you must learn to heal when afflicted, and make the most out of the resources you come across. By learning from your mistakes, you grow stronger through experience. Learn to navigate the devious traps and battle to defeat monsters trying to destroy you. Collect gold to spend with traders and upgrade to better weapons. Only the best of adventurers will prevail!

The Dungeoning is available on Steam™:

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