Alaska, murder mystery game on Steam

Alaska, a game filled with atmospheric build up, suspense and plot twists. This dark story will truly have you second guessing who the killer is until the end.

The game has been particularly thought out to make sure you feel emotion towards the people of the small town you are a part of, as the first half of the game will lull you into a relaxing love letter to Alaska. You will feel a true feeling of acceptance in the community as you fish, hunt, ice skate and chop trees with your neighbors, and as you start fitting into the daily life of an Alaskan, you almost forget about the looming darkness that is about to unfold in the second half of the game.

The game concentrates heavily on character interactions which help you to really feel for the people of this small town. As you get to know them, bond with them, it really will pain you to see these characters hurt. Another addition of the hefty character build up, has you thinking early which member of this community is most likely to snap.

Challenges are scattered through out Alaska to break up the walking and talking, these are depicted as mini games. These include fishing on the river, ice skating on frozen lakes, chainsawing a tree and, a mini FPS section of, hunting. These really break up the heavy story and make the game challenging and rewarding.

Alaska truly is a dark and twisted tale, yet surrounded by such beauty. A game that really know it’s audience and knows how to make you feel one way, and in a second, completely having you feeling another. Alaska will have you gripped from start to finish.