Alice in Wordland: Old-fashioned picturesque style word puzzle game (Video)

Alice in Wordland – an oil painting-inspired word puzzle game developed by Joycastle – will be launched on iOS. The game pays homepage to the simple but innovative WordWise, Word Brain and Word Whizzle. In Alice in Wordland, players take on the role of Alice and embark on the puzzle solving journey through the wordland.

When Alice was a small child, she dreamed of traveling around the world to learn new words. Years later, Alice got a boat from her father whom encourages her to explore the mystery wordland; There, Alice discovers she can solve puzzles to light up the forest.

Alice in Wordland is filled with puzzles that will make any word-game fan jump for joy. You will explore a great variety of word puzzles and feast your eyes upon its astounding beauty. To solve each puzzle, you simply swipe through the letter matrix and search for words based on the given description.

Lucky for you, the words you have solved will form the descriptions of later levels. In this way, you are free to choose your own path and never get stuck at a single puzzle! Each level consists of normal puzzles and hidden puzzles. You must complete all normal puzzles and a required number of hidden puzzles to unlock the next level. Come and join Alice’s adventure, she is waiting for you lighten up the wordland together!

“Alice in Wordland lovingly recreates all the things you enjoyed about word puzzle game for all age players,” says Stephen, CEO, Joycastle ltd. “It’s been invaluable as an English study tool for some of the kids, in the meanwhile Alice in Wordland also provide adult players an eye-feast.”

Key Features
• High quality and variety of puzzle content
• Innovative level structure with interconnected puzzles
• Hidden puzzle mode for even more challenge and depth
• Greater freedom over the multiple paths of the puzzle where user can choose
• Old-fashioned picturesque style with beautiful rendering animation