The Amiga Classic is Back: Wings! Remastered EditionTM is Now Available on the App Store and Google Play

Kalypso Media Mobile, the mobile games subsidiary of the independent game publisher and developer Kalypso Media, has announced the release of their second game: Wings! Remastered Edition™. Wings! is the high-flying return of the classic aerial combat game from the Amiga generation. The game is priced at €4.99 and is available worldwide for iOS and Android. The App Store age rating is 12+.

Wings! Remastered Edition™ is the long-awaited return of the classic from 1990. Completely reprogrammed by Cinemaware and packed with original missions, dogfights, storylines and gameplay, the new edition offers a perfect mix of classic action and cutting-edge technology. The PC version has been available since the end of last year while the Mac version was released yesterday.

Genre: Action flight sim
Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Developer: Cinemaware
Publisher: Kalypso Media Mobile, Kasedo Games

THE HORROR AND THE GLORY: The player experiences a dramatic WWI story from the perspective of a young fighter pilot
LOTS OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: 230 breathtaking missions set between 1916 and 1918
DIVERSE GAMEPLAY: The player battles the enemy head to head, dogfighting, bombing and strafing reinforcements
HIGH-VALUE PRODUCTION: Featuring high-definition graphics, high-quality sound effects and a bombastic soundtrack performed with real instruments

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