Announcing Itror – In The Right Order

Can you remember a shuffled deck of cards, front to back? In Itror you’ll have to recall icons in the order they originally appeared with each round adding a new one to the mix. Announcement Trailer:

Itror – In The Right Order is a game requiring your memory. Every round you have to remember an additional object in a growing sequence. There are 35 rounds followed by two bonus rounds. The ‘Double or Nothing’ bonus round requires you to repeat the 35th round a second time and doubles your score if successful. The final and second bonus round ‘Back to Front’ is the ultimate test where you have to go in reverse. Now the last icon is the first in the sequence end the first is the last. Additionally, several modifiers will allow you to increase difficulty and points earned, like only having one guess available before Game Over instead of four.

“I’m already getting better” – Mum

Itror will be available for iOS and Android on Oct. 14th, 2015.