McPeppergames releases “Amazing Car Wash” in the App Store

Developer McPeppergames ( ), tomorrow releases it’s new high quality kids app “Amazing Car Wash” in the Apple App Store.

The game is a very unique approach to the “todo” genre, where kids can use a lot of different fun actions to clean funny cars. What makes this app stand out from similar apps is the high production value. Graphics, sound and the animations are great. The actions are accessible from the start and kids don’t have to finish one cleaning action to jump to the next one. Instead kids can choose from all the available actions which allows multiple functions for each actions. There is a lot to discover in this funny app. And with Halloween around the corner the game also includes Aliens and Dragons. Kids will love it.

“Amazing Car Wash” will be available exclusively as an iOS first universal app starting October 8 in the Apple App Store worldwide.

“Amazing Car Wash” is available as a free download in the Apple App Store worldwide

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