Armor Blitz from Gaudium (Video)

Armor Blitz, a long awaited title for many fans all over the world, will have its full launch this November 1st. The game, which has undergone thorough beta testing throughout the summer of 2016, will now debut to a world-wide audience though Google Play. An iOS version is currently in development and a release on Apple’s iTunes store is planned for early next year.

The game features the anime art style, with a unique theme of anthropomorphic tank characters. Each character represents a historical World War era military tank, in the form of a human girl. It boasts a distinctive mixture of RPG elements, Collectible Card mechanics, and Real-time Strategy. Inspiration for the design was drawn from popular overseas titles like Kantai Collection, which are not available in the West.

Each character’s card arts are drawn by various anime artists from around the world. Renowned artists such as Rosuuri, SquChan, and Ellsat are just a few of the contributors that work closely with the Armor Blitz team to develop characters.

“The vision of our company is to create new opportunities for anime artists not just in Asia, but all around the world,” said Andrew Yang, CEO of Gaudium. “Armor Blitz is only the first in a lineup of projects we plan on undertaking to make this a reality.”