Asiasoft Launches Advance Dino for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Leading game publisher in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (“Asiasoft”) today announced that it launches its first combat city builder for iOS and Android devices, Advance Dino.

Developed by NetEase, Advance Dino is a free-to-play 3D city building simulation in real time combat and defense. Set in prehistoric times, players become the leader of a Dinosauria territory and embark on the journey to build the greatest reptile city of the Jurassic, by defending and expanding base camps, as well as attacking AIs and opponents’ base camps.

In Advance Dino, players enjoy full control of their dinosaur troops and are challenged with real time planning and strategising from a variety of combats modes. For a faster win, players can direct their reptile heroes’ attack at their opponent’s base camp, the Town Hall, without destroying the rest of their facilities. In turn, players gain lesser in-game coins and resources to build and expand their city. Players can also setup extensive defense strategy for their reptile city while they are out on expansionist adventures.

For a higher chance of winning, players will need stronger Dino heroes on their squad. These heroes can be captured through the Adventure Mode, Wanted Mode, or created in the Alchemy Lab. On top of the basic attacks, each Dino hero is also equipped with extra skills that can be unlocked or upgraded through Adventures. The powers of these dinosaur units can be further enhanced through material collection, rank promotion and Dino Tags.

Other features in Advance Dino include clan system, daily login rewards, quests, friends list and chat rooms.

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