Asteroid Commando, Asteroids-inspired arcade action for Apple Watch

Independent Apple Watch game developer John Passfield has released Asteroid Commando, the third in his Space Watch games trilogy for Apple Watch. Asteroid Command is a vector graphic arcade game and is available exclusively for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Asteroid Commando was inspired by Asteroids, the king of the vector graphics arcade games of the eighties. Redesigned for the Apple Watch, Asteroid Commando is perfect for playing on your wrist anytime, anywhere.
John Passfield, the games creator said, “I really enjoyed pushing myself with this new game and capturing the vector graphics feel of the classic arcade games. Being able to play this game on your Watch is kind of mind blowing.”

Asteroid Commando is available exclusively on the App Store for Apple Watch and iPhone.

App Store:

• Beautiful vector arcade graphics!
• Vector style asteroids, enemies and mines!
• Power-ups include Shield, Triple Shot, Rapid Fire and Time Freeze!
• Intuitive and simple controls using the Crown on the Watch!
• Swipe to move on the iPhone!
• Short burst gameplay is perfect for the Watch and iPhone!
• Daily rank to see how you compare to the rest of the world!
• Retro sound effects on the iPhone!
• Play anywhere, anytime!
• Runs at 60fps on the Watch!
• Watch features stylish Complications!
• Ability to invert Crown controls on the Watch!
• Runs at 60fps on the Watch!
• Available for USD $1.99

Device Requirements

  • Apple Watch running WatchOS 5 or higher
  • iOS devices running iOS 12 or higher