Astro Attack – OUT NOW (Video)

Blocky Pixel games studio is delighted to announce that Astro Attack is now available on the App Store.

Astro Attack is a retro, arcade shooter inspired by the classic Space Invaders mashed with everything nostalgic you love about video games. Use single touch controls to shoot and dodge your way through wave after wave of invaders, collecting power ups along the way. The theme would best be described as both 80s and radical.

Ready player one?
Inspired by the arcade classics, fight off countless invaders from space, chain epic power-ups, and unlock a fleet of video game inspired ships!
•Lots of video game themed ships to pilot
•Retro shooty space action!
•Chain powerups to become an unstoppable machine of invader destruction
•Simple one touch controls that even your Grandma could use
•Win new ships inside boxes of delicious sugar coated Astro Puffs!
•Show your Grandma who’s boss with Leaderboard support
•Complete missions to earn even more coins!
•Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!