Aurora Puzzle Adventure, Match-3 puzzler slots into place on iOS

Silverback Games, independent developer of best-selling Empress of the Deep series, has launched Aurora – Puzzle Adventure on iOS.  This elegant journey is set against a sublime skyscape.  With over 200 handcrafted levels, relaxing gameplay and a diversity of mechanics: fire blocks, water obstacles, spinning cubes, spikes, and more.  After a mysterious visitor threatens her peaceful universe, Aurora embarks on a dreamlike journey across six realms in search of her friends.
Players interact with puzzles from five perspectives – a fresh twist to traditional Match-3  – pushing, popping, spinning and manipulating obstacles to reunite Aurora with her feline friends. This charming puzzler’s serene esthetics and beautiful atmospheric soundscape will appeal to fans of relaxing puzzle adventures.    
Key features:
Twist and rotate a beautiful 3D world to collect precious artifacts and solve clever puzzles
Play over 200 mind-twisting and ingenious levels
Match and pop enchanted blocks to clear obstacles and reunite with your feline friends
Overcome a wide diversity of challenges: fire blocks, water obstacles, spinning cubes, spikes, and much more
Enter a sublime and peaceful universe suspended above the clouds
Aurora is available for USD $1.99 on the App Store for iPhone or iPad (iPhone 5/ iPad 3/ iPad mini 2 minimum requirement).