Award-winning puzzle platformer game, Shift Happens (Video)

The award-winning puzzle platformer Shift Happens has wobbled its way onto Steam and the Xbox Store! Published by Deck13 and developed by Klonk Games, Shift Happens – best played with a friend or significant other – offers players a hearty challenge through 40 levels and four unique worlds filled with traps and puzzles.

Take control of Bismo and Plom, two jelly blob creatures that were joined together in a freak accident. The duo must use their newly-acquired power – the ability to exchange their size and skills seemingly at will – to survive a strange laboratory, overgrown green forests, dry canyons filled with deadly winds, and bitter cold caves. “Teamwork” is the name of the game: When shifting, both characters change sizes simultaneously in a symbiotic relationship. The bigger blob gets smaller – and the smaller blob gets bigger.

•The bigger blob can throw the smaller blob across chasms, push heavy crates, survive in shallow water, and activate weight-based triggers.
•The smaller blob can jump higher/farther, move under small barriers, and be “launched” by the bigger blob

You and your partner can earn coins and other collectibles in every level. However, instead of sharing the wealth, it’s possible to “accidentally” cause each other to die – turning your hard-earned coins into a neat little package that’s up for grabs. Will you trust one another and work together – or will you fight for every scrap?

“With Shift Happens, we wanted to recreate our childhood memories of sitting on the couch eating pizza – and playing co-op games for hours on end,” says Robin Kocaurek, co-founder of Klonk Games. “We hope Shift Happens takes players back to a simpler time, when sibling-on-sibling rivalries and sweet retribution were very much a thing!”

Key Features

•Test your friendship and skills as partners with true cooperative gameplay.
•Play with friends in either local or online multiplayer modes.
•Conquer 40+ levels in co-op mode.
•Complete 30 single-player levels designed specifically for solo players.
•Discover extra challenges and rewards while playing.

Pricing & Availability
Shift Happens is now available on both Xbox One and Steam. The game is priced at $14.99 on Xbox and Steam. A PlayStation 4 version is expected to become available on the PlayStation Store early March.