AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, Gigantic content update for Android and iOS

The battle to control the universe between the Darkhann Empire and the Galanos Alliance rages on in AxE: Alliance vs. Empire (AxE), the fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from NEXON Corporation. Mobile players worldwide can unite to fight and download AxE for free on the App Store and Google Play. Players in western countries can download AxE here and player in southeast Asia can download it here.

AxE boasts unprecedented large-scale immersive MMORPG battles in a treacherous open fantasy world, rich with unforgettable allies, diverse locations and unique quests. Players are invited to join a guild and engage in all-out epic battle with friends and challengers around the world in single-player, tactical faction combat and large-scale competitive modes inspired by the best MMOs on PC and console. AxE offers six highly customizable character classes, along with an intricate weapon, armor and ability upgrade system for diverse play styles.

AxE’s warfare intensifies with a myriad of new features, including:

  • Adorable Companions – The baby goat and fantastic red panda pets are now available to tag along, each with four cute colorways and outfits;
  • New PvP Mode Squad Strike – In this all-new relay battle mode, player trios go head-to-head in turn-based combat for valuable rewards. Spectating team members can take advantage of their position by using debuffing skills against enemies;
  • Fresh Weapon Costumes – Players can now customize the appearance of their avatar’s weapons, which can be upgraded to enhance character strength;
  • Gear Enhancement Level Extension – Player gear can now reach a maximum of Level 25, where it will display a special mystical effect;
  • Pirate Costumes – All six character variants can now unlock festive pirate-themed costumes;
  • Special Events – Players are invited to vanquish event dungeon monsters in the Enchanted Sea Mining Event to earn Event Coins that can be used to make Pet Upgrade and Pet Gear Upgrade Stones;
  • Wheel of Fortune – Every completed event mission now rewards players with a special Fortune Ticket, that allows them to spin the wheel for valuable rewards.

AxE: Alliance vs. Empire is available for iOS and Android users worldwide.