AxE: Alliance vs. Empire, massive update brings the ‘Moonstone System’

The epic war for control of the universe rages on in AxE: ALLIANCE VS EMPIRE (AxE), the fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from NEXON Corporation. Mobile players worldwide can dive into one of the game’s largest content updates yet for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Since the game’s launch earlier this year, AxE has continued to make a massive splash as an innovative MMORPG boasting and explorable open-world rich with unique and diverse characters, storylines and more. Today, AxE’s enchanted warfare intensifies with an overhaul of new features, including:

  • Moonstone System – In this all-new in-game addition, players can obtain Moonstones from the Area 4 “Ahl Pazo Spirit Forest” to the Area 11 “Adventus” by slaying monsters. There are four tiers of Moonstones, each with their own levels of power and rarity
  • Seeker Book Mission Log – All new and returning players will receive their own Seeker Book packed with challenges. Every completed mission earns players with special in-game rewards
  • Increased Artifact Powers – The maximum level cap for every Gem in the ‘deisha’s Sacrifice, Aegis of Samrave, Tyr’s Renewal and Shedim’s Favor Artificats have been raised
  • New Wings – The powerful Mechanica Wings are now available, boasting a maximum level of 60 and Passive Skill of two-second invincibility when HP drops below 15% (cooldown time set at 100 seconds)
  • Stylish Costumes – The Dark Nobility character outfit set is now available for customization
  • Seasonal Event – To help celebrate today’s content update, players are invited to collect corals during the Deep Sea Event for exclusive rewards.

AxE offers immersive MMORPG battles in an enchanted yet world, rich with memorable allies, diverse locations and daunting quests. Players are invited to join a guild and engage in all-out epic battle with friends and challengers around the world in single-player, tactical faction combat and large-scale competitive modes inspired by the best MMOs on PC and console. AxE offers six highly customizable character classes, along with an intricate weapon, armor and ability upgrade system for diverse play styles.

AxE: ALLIANCE VS EMPIRE is available today for iOS and Android users worldwide.