Barnyard Bash – Match 3 Puzzle on Android

Barnyard Bash- Match 3 Puzzle Quest takes you to the Barnyard World- a farm which was abducted by Evil Alien Eggs. Your mission is to save the Barnyard and rescue your animal friends. You will face Alien Minion at every stage. The puzzle match is not your typical Candy Crush match as you are given only 60 seconds to complete the stage. Every stage has a unique grid and you have different mission to complete such as crush the boxes, crush the ice, free the path to the balloon. At the end of every World you will face the Boss which also possess some unique super moves that impact your grid.

Barnyard Bash- Match 3 Puzzle Quest is not your typical puzzle game. It = possess elements of classic RPG where you have to collect heroes, upgrade them and utilize the equipment in order to progress. Besides, when we contacted the Ingenious Creations team, they claimed that the game has 50 unique heroes, with new ones being added on to the lineup every month.

The game has two main game modes. The story, referred as the World in the game, has impressive game art and engaging battles. The grid is changing at every stage and the difficulty level increases as you progress. Sometimes the 60 second is not enough to complete the level. The second game mode is called arena or a clasic PvP. In the Barnyard Bash Arena you get to challenge other players and climb the leaderboard.

Barnyard Bash- Match 3 Puzzle Quest features high-speed, action-based battles and requires strategy based on the different stages. Furthermore there are different heroes for players to choose from and they posses different qualities: healing, defense and attack. Players can unlock and recruit new Barnyard heroes to add to their teams. Make sure to keep your squad strong and diverse as you will need the unique skill set of certain heroes in order to progress. You can unlock new heroes by completing daily challenges or battling in the PvP arena. The games takes ‘Pokemon’ approach and hashes the heroes via the incubator.