Anki Adds a New Level of Competitive Gameplay to Its Battle-Racing Game with the Introduction of In-Game AI Commanders

Anki DRIVE revolutionised the toys-to-life gaming category when it first debuted last year and now the high-speed battle racing game is upping the ante. Today, Anki introduces Commanders, a new addition to Anki DRIVE that will give players a deeper, richer gameplay experience.

Anki DRIVE is a first-of-its-kind racing game that lets players use a mobile app to race real battle-equipped toy cars – alone or against friends. Powered by robotics, each car has the ability to steer and battle for itself, as it tries to outsmart its human competition.

With the addition of Commanders, players can now battle against a distinct band of in-game characters that live within the Anki DRIVE universe and interact with players via their mobile devices and through new sound elements. Each Commander has a unique look, play style and personality as they take control of their cars just like real-life players. Team up with Commanders or race against them, but be smart about choosing an opponent as every Commander has their own special benefits and challenges.

The first 10 Commanders will launch end of November for free starting with ShadowX, Winger, and Fuzz. Players can unlock the additional seven Commanders by completing specific in-game challenges for each character.

The Commanders are one piece to a long-term strategy aimed at building out narrative and traditional gaming elements into Anki DRIVE. Recently the company expanded its gaming division with a number of respected industry veterans from EA, Harmonix and Activision including Joby Otero whose vision helped steer the launch of industry game-changer Skylanders.

Anki DRIVE is currently available on iOS and Android devices. For the full list of current device compatibility, go here. Be sure to check out the new price of Anki DRIVE Starter Kits (£149.99) and expansion cars (£49.99).

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