Beautiful Strategy War Game Conquer Age: Clash of Empires Now Available on Android

NHN Entertainment USA Inc. and TOAST are proud to present Conquer Age: Clash of Empires, a time-traveling, globe-spanning war strategy game featuring heroic art and incredible multiplayer combat with up to 500 vs 500 real players! Conquer Age can be downloaded for free from Google Play and runs on most modern smartphones and tablets.

Conquer Age throws you into a world where all of history’s champions return to wage a massive war over the European countryside. Choose your style of command, through sagacity or through strategic wit. Train troops to withstand any onslaught, raise mighty horses to trample enemy soldiers, craft arrows that fly miles across a battlefield.

Explore the region in scouting missions to collect supplies and increase morale for your troops. Find roaming barbarian hordes to defeat for training or recruit new heroes who gather to build the glory to your name and nation. Upgrade the armory for your troops and hunt down warlords on land and sea. Your mission is to conquer each challenge, defeat the rulers from each era, and seat your cohorts and consorts at your feast hall!

Take the counsel from the roaming Black Knight as she guides you on your quest to unify the empire. Assign your spymaster to secure crucial information against your enemies. Receive the blessing from the high priest and collect more soldiers for your growing army! Diplomacy is the key to a successful empire so link together with potential allies in the real-time chat to plan and coordinate massive sieges!

Key Features

• Train your heroes to command enormous armies as you march across the continent!

• Strengthen your army by combining cards and creating more powerful legends!

• Wage epic battles in live events and join the surrounding nations into a massive kingdom.

• Collect and order your hero cards as you expand the limits of your empire.

• Engage in strategic battle formations, design new tactics, and build siege weapons to win every skirmish!

• Explore new areas and unlock hidden resources and artifacts buried beneath ancient dungeons.

• Beautifully illustrated card character artwork with hundreds of different army combinations!

Conquer Age gives you the chance to command history’s greatest heroes in epic battles across various countries and times. Bring nations to the ground under the leadership of Guan Yu. Tear tyrants from their throne with the mighty Leonidas! Prove the ferocity of the Barbarian goddess Bonacheya as she leads her face-painted horde of fighters across the world!

Conquer Age: Clash of Empires is free to download and play, and it includes in-app purchases.

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