Big Pharma Out Now!

Big Pharma is available now on PC, Mac and Linux for £15.20 from Steam or for £12.99 from Gog but we are happy to prescribe you with a review copy or a consultation with Big Pharma’s Lead Pharmacist, Tim Wicksteed.

The full release is not just about new platforms. The game now includes a veritable plethora of new features and gameplay improvements which have been added over the beta period.

New Features

The Big Pharma beta was launched on 4th June 2015 and has since received six major updates adding a mixture of gameplay improvements and brand new features. The following additions over the beta period may be of note:

· Crossroads – allowing you to create more complex production lines

· Drug packer – increasing the utility of low value products and creating yet another brain bending logistic nightmare to solve

· Industrial Espionage – allows you to spy on your competitors

· Patents – allowing you to protect your medicines against generic producers

· 2 brand new scenarios – Full Unlock and Room to Maneuver change the rules of the game and challenge the player in unique ways

· Fully featured custom scenario creator – includes the ability to import and export your scenario creations

· Mod support – including a dedicated menu for ‘safe’ modding with an auto-revert back to the vanilla version

· 2 new languages: French and German

· …and a whole host of UI improvements, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes!

You can see the game in action right here

Your humble medical beginnings will see you starting out with just a modest factory and the means to create simple painkillers. In time however your research will allow you to make revolutionary medical advances, giving you the cash to build hi-tech machines and manufacture a wealth of potent pills and serums.

As your empire grows, so will your ability to cure the world’s most degenerative, crippling diseases. However, unlike your sugar-coated pills the truth is bitter: illness is good for business.

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