BluBox Games announced today that the original series, Feed My Alien, is now available worldwide, exclusively on the App Store. Created and developed by the Canary Islands-based Promineo Studios, Feed My Alien gives audiences an intergalactic adventure with unforgettable characters and innovative gameplay.

In Feed My Alien, players are treated to a unique new take on match-3 gameplay, finding a path between two ends of a hexagonal board. Help satisfy the adorable alien, Munchee, by swapping food-themed pieces around the board, satisfying Munchee’s hunger, and help finding a way home for your new cosmic friend.
“We’ve been putting a lot of love and care into the launch of Feed My Alien and now that it’s finally available worldwide, we can’t wait to see how our fans enjoy the game,” said Philippe Erwin, BluBox Games CEO. “With Feed My Alien, players will be treated to exciting new gameplay, an original storyline, and stunning visuals, as they help their new friend find his way home.”

“We wanted to utilize our considerable animation experience to create something wonderful and new, and with Feed My Alien, we have something the entire world can enjoy,” said Isidro Quintana, CEO of Promineo Studios. “With its unique gameplay mechanics, original storyline, and charming characters, Feed My Alien we have something unlike anything else for the world to enjoy.”

Promineo’s abundant multi-platform animation and storytelling abilities enliven the world of Feed My Alien, which begins when a spaceship piloted by Munchee, the alien with a big appetite, crash lands on Earth. Munchee is befriended by Alice, and the unlikely duo sets out to repair Munchee’s spacecraft, avoid nosy townspeople along the way, and most importantly, satiate the starved extraterrestrial.

In Feed My Alien, players swap-match the same types of food pieces within a set number of moves to make paths between two fixed hexes on the board to feed Munchee. Players can enjoy move- and time-based levels, engage in boss battles, earn “Yummy Time” bonuses and unleash Munchee’s myriad of super-galactic powers.

• 120 astronomically-challenging levels
• Compete against friends, unlock daily rewards and more
• An original, celestially-orchestral soundtrack
• Gorge yourself on tasty-rific boosters, munchi-licious power-ups and other “munchipliers”
• Inter-galactically impactful daily rewards delivered via Munchee’s Machine
• Engage in epic boss battles against,Gordo & Cheezel, Iggy Popular, Finster Schwartzkopter and other colorful characters
• Progress-synching among devices and platforms

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