Binary Challenge App allows people new to “binary” to learn the basics

Most of us are guilty of not training our mental calculation skills. We learn to do all those calculations in our head during grammar school but for some reason most of us stop practicing. Binary Challenge not only trains your skills to do additions, subtractions and multiplications in your head – you also learn binary on the fly. “binary” is the numeral system computers base all their calculations on. Binary numbers use only the digits “0” and “1” and especially with lengths of more than 8 digits, converting them to the decimal system becomes a challenge for your mental math.

Binary Challenge encourages you to convert binary numbers to the decimal system faster and faster. While you learn and improve, you master achievements and the bit-size increases, so that you are challenged to calculate with higher and higher numbers. Three different playing modes are available for increased difficulty and a varying experience. Even then, “binary” is not the end: You can learn two more numeral systems. Quaternary is 4-based (with digits 0, 1, 2 and 3) and the better-known hexadecimal is 16-based (with digits 0..9 and A..F, where A..F represent the values 10..15).

increatly focused the tutorial on the basic concepts of binary numbers. They were able to reduce the tutorial to just three simple steps. New users start in super simple 4-bit mode and will master their first achievement in minutes. This new version of Binary Challenge is available now in Google Play Store and as an iOS Release Candidate via Apple TestFlight. The iOS release is planned for end of 2015.
Binary Challenge is the only binary game to learn binary with up to 32-bit numbers, support for quaternary and hexadecimal and three different guessing modes for each bit-size.

The app includes tutorials and an explain function, so you’ll be able to learn everything and make progress even if you don’t know “binary” yet. The meditative dark design and the “deep space” ambient music help to concentrate on the mental calculations.

Enjoy features like:
•Learn binary, quaternary and hexadecimal
•Start with 4-bit mode and advance to reach 32-bit mastery
•Several game modes with varying difficulty
•Binary Challenge will explain every conversion step by step if you need help
•Game Center integration
•Master 54 achievements!
•Raise in ranks and compete in our leaderboards
•Meditative futuristic background music

Reviews of previous versions:
•AndroidPolice: “… it’s surprisingly engaging thanks to a very well-thought-out UI.” (Michael Crider, AndroidPolice)
•AndroidGuys: Score 4.13/5 “It’s easy to get drawn into it, and there’s a reason for that…” (Jason Botha, AndroidGuys)
•AppsZoom: Score 8.8/10 “…stands out because of its originality and amazing design.” (Anna Grace, AppsZoom)