Blast Bad Guys with Guns and Gags – Star Viper! (Video)

The testosterone-filled action game Star Viper launched on iOS and Android. Get Star Viper now for free via the iOS store and Google Play store.

The Game

Star Viper is bringing 80s sci-fi space action back – when the evil Lord Thyroid and his fleet launch their assault on Outpost Valhalla, there’s only one man Admiral Hans can turn to… Star Viper! The Admiral may not like Star Viper’s style, or his lack of respect for rank, or, well, anything much really, but damn that man can fly a starfighter!

The only thing Star Viper is better at than shooting and dogfighting is coming up with cheesy one-liners – and that’s exactly Lord Thyroid’s weakness! Well, along with lasers and missiles – don’t worry, there’s still an epic boss battle waiting for you if you can make it through all 21 levels.

From besieged Atheni System to the burning inferno planets and debris fields of Lord Thyroid’s home system, Star Viper is gonna have to shoot his way through a lot of enemies intent on stopping him. And that’s if he can dodge the puke-beasts hidden in the asteroids of Labrum System…

Luckily, Star Viper isn’t alone – he keeps coming back to the beautiful and talented Engineer (he’s not real good at remembering names) to outfit his fighter with the latest and greatest tech… if he can pay for it. The Engineer isn’t running a charity here! He gives her cash, she gives him sass (and upgrades). That’s the deal, and it works just fine for Star Viper.

Star Viper is free to play with the option to buy in-game cash for faster upgrades. Fire up your star fighter today!

Game Features:

•21 levels of shooter action across 4 star systems
•Over 30 different kinds of enemies, from fighters to capital ships
•Use lasers, missiles and even nukes against your enemies
•Power-up crates deliver special weapons
•Spread your cash across 6 different ship upgrades
•The best mustache this side of the galaxy!

You can download the game now from the Star Viper store pages on the iOS store and Google Play store.