I Am Blondi available for Android for free (Video)

The most accurate sim of Hitler’s dog you have ever seen. An indie game rejected by Apple for being too offensive. Available for Android for free.


You are the world’s most famous dog nobody knows. And your master is the world’s most notorious ultra super evil super villain.

Your master throws you an endless stream of fast moving treats, and being a dog (with no political agenda btw) you just want to eat it all (aka try to click on them all before they disappear).

However -because it’s Hitler- he also throws occasional hand grenades for no apparent reason. If you happen to eat one by accident; game over.

Random anger tantrum minigame:
Any treat you miss will darken the master’s mood (aka game health bar). Fortunately, his anger fits can easily be appeased by cowering in supplication (press and hold the “beg” button), and if you keep at it until he has reasonably calmed down, you’ll regain his benevolence (aka health replenish).
Requires multitasking awareness and fast reaction skills.

•Endless play with ever increasing treats amount.
•Additional reaction game to replenish health.
•Unique retro art style.
•Saves personal high score locally.
•No in-game purchases.
•No ads.
•No Android permissions required whatsoever.
•Made with Unity3D.

Despite the topic and the quite obvious Wolfenstein inspired art style this game is by no means intended to be offensive nor is this game to be seen as glorification attempt of mentioned time frame. This is just a game about a famous dog who can’t say no to food. No dubious imagery, symbols or names are used in this game – and no one dies either.
Nevertheless, this game was rejected by Apple for having a “too offensive concept”.