Blood-soaked shooter ZOMBIE HUNTER, INC. arrives on Steam Early (Video)

Are you ready to join the ultimate zombie-killing enterprise?

In ZOMBIE HUNTER, INC. — a new multiplayer top-down shooter by Ukrainian developer Maya Gameworks — every headshot counts:

Zombie Hunter, Inc.’s Early Access release focuses on the game’s multiplayer Survival mode. Unlike traditional zombie horde modes where players buy weapons and ammo between waves, groups of up to four players choose the perfect loadout at the start of every seven-minute round. Players may only equip their weapons after earning enough from zombie kills to purchase them. Coordinating with friends is essential: Individual weapons have different stats and may only be effective against specific zombie types.

With Zombie Hunter, Inc.’s unique firing system, players need top-notch reflexes and the ability to properly handle each weapon in order to succeed. Scoring the perfect kill is critical; aiming for the head may sound as simple as lining up your weapon with the enemy’s non-functioning brain — but imagine doing it with hundreds of screaming zombies rushing in?

In Zombie Hunter, Inc.’s single-player mode (in development), the player will take on the role of a newbie zombie hunter-for-hire who rescues stranded survivors — for a reasonable fee, of course. Every survivor will have a direct impact on the game’s evolving storyline. Some will have useful skills, and others might know the location of special weapons — which means that the player’s choices will have a lasting impact on each playthrough. A “taste” of the campaign mode is included in the first Early Access build of the game.

Mykhaylo Kotys (Founder & CEO, Maya Gameworks):

“Zombie Hunter, Inc. is one of the few top-down shooters that challenges players to get to know the weapons as well as the characters themselves. Knowing each weapon intimately is just as (if not more) important than being able to nail the perfect headshot. The firing system gives Zombie Hunter, Inc. a very distinct personality and helps the game deliver a lasting zombie-killing adrenaline rush again and again.”

— Top-down shooter with custom firing mechanics that allows players to aim for the head.
— Challenging survival mode, where players must protect survivors from hordes of zombies while gradually upgrading their gear.
— 10 zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
— Huge variety of guns and gadgets, including secondary weapons and accessories.
— Engaging campaign mode with a large city full of zombies to kill, guns to fire, secrets to discover, loot to trade, and survivors to save. [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Zombie Hunter, Inc. is now available through Steam Early Access on Windows PCs for just $9.99: