Brown Dust Meets That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Neowiz announced the hit Japanese Anime series, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, has officially crossed over into the world of its popular Strategy RPG Brown Dust. The special collaboration introduces five new Mercenaries and their Companions to the game, all featuring the likenesses of some of the anime’s most popular characters! What’s more, a special in-game event, happening Oct. 2nd through Oct. 16th, will grant players additional login rewards, and a That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime-themed dungeon will be available.

5 Mercenaries & Companions

  • Rimuru , a Defender with high agility and defensive capabilities, is joined by Companion Shizu.
  • Milim Nava, a Warrior who delivers powerful attacks to enemies in the front, is accompanied by Companion Veldora.

4 Mercenaries & Companions

  • Benimaru, a Magician that deals AoE damage across a broad area, will team up with the Companion Shuna.
  • Gobta, a Defender who heals itself and debuffs enemy defenses, pairs with the Companion Ranga.
  • Shion, a Warrior that deals damage over time and launches powerful forward attacks to the enemy closest to the front, will battle alongside the Companion Soei.

During the event period, players will be able to run through a Special Collaboration Dungeon based on the anime, and upon clearing stages earn Collaboration Gift Boxes and Soul Gear Boxes for the new units. To top it all off, players will receive three chances each day they log-in during the event period to collect rewards of their choosing, such as Companion Gifts, Diamonds, Premium Scrolls, and more.

About Brown Dust
Easy to pick up but difficult to master, Brown Dust effortlessly blends classic turn-based combat, riveting narratives, and captivating anime-inspired designs to deliver the ultimate mobile strategy experience. Available for free on for both iOS and Android, is rated T for Teen (PEGI 12).